Why your dirty takeaway might be from a dirty takeaway

One in seven British takeaways have unsatisfactory food hygiene standards. Newham, south London, had the highest proportion of failing takeaways while the Orkney Islands had the lowest.


Helena Bengtsson Has Said: Thinking of takeaway tonight? Think again! Me and have done some digging: https://t.co/mD6BUeoMlo

Guardian Visuals Has Said: Wanna eat out tonight? 🅰🆁🅴 🆈🅾🆄 🆂🆄🆁🅴? 1 in 7 UK takeaways have failed food hygiene tests!!  https://t.co/RnFHgTkcza

Notareargunner Has Said:  What’s wrong with you British? Demolished all your kitchens? FFS learn to cook and stay healthy, slim and active.

B.Merget Has Said: It’s disconcerting that businesses can fail repeatedly before forced to shut down  https://t.co/Fk5OlWAU7C

Fauzia Ahmad Has Said: Don’t read this while eating. Revealed: one in seven UK have failed tests https://t.co/DZEC2XJbO7

Charlie Kiss 48% Has Said: The 10 worst areas in UK for poor restuarant & take away hygenie include Newham, Harrow and Islington in London https://t.co/oNvwM4ncBr

Richard Stevenson Has Said: Wow. Apparently over 50% of Newham “takeaways and sandwich shops” failed hygiene inspections.

Sven Ortel Has Said: Oh I knew that (1 in 7 UK takeaways failed food hygiene tests) I have survived many a bug after 10 years in London. https://t.co/vsgzqJaOpa

Owen Duffy Has Said: Edinburgh has the second dirtiest takeaways in the UK. https://t.co/OsElbrwEzV

David Tchilingirian Has Said: 1in7 takeaways failed food hygiene, Needs sorting before we fix healthier catering. funding gap!  https://t.co/y2jmyNkbKR

Larry Wilson Has Said: Does the average relative wonder why loved ones die well before their time? We are what we eat. https://t.co/f8bJFsnySD

N Kennedy Has Said: Six out of seven UK takeaways have passed food hygiene tests – that is miraculous  https://t.co/QxRaJljcz8

GenNext Social Has Said: It May Be Saturday But Double Check Your Takeaways Food Hygiene Test Results. https://t.co/QxRaJljcz8

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