We’re Hiring!!! : Please Read

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We Want You!!!

We Are Currently Hiring Young And Older People To Do A Part Time Job Whenever They Can! We Wan’t You To Take Up One Of The Following Jobs…

  • Social Media Bragger

Spread The Word About GenNext On Twitter

Help People Get The Word Around For GenNext

  • Driving Blog Writer

Blog For Driving Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Help People Know Their Lefts And Rights Of The Roads Of Today

  • Makeup Blog Writer

Blog For Makeup Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Loreal Or Maybelline, Help People Get The Best Makeup In Town

  • Sports Blog Writer

Blog For Sporting Fans And Get Noticed For You Work

Football To Football Golf, Help People Know What’s Happening In The Sports World

  • Fashion Blog Writer

Blog For Fashion Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

From Gok To Timmy Trendy, Help People Know What Is Trending In The Fashion Gossip

  • Music Blog Writer

Blog For Music Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Can You Hit The Right Notes, Help Others Do The Same

  • Education Blog Writer

Blog For Educational Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Help Gives Students Facts And Give Homework Support

  • Technology Blog Writer

Blog For Technology Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Apple To Microsoft To Google, Help People Know The Tech World As We Know It

  • Travel Blog Writer

Blog For Traveling Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Like Going Around The World, Help Others With Traveling Tips

  • Baking Blog Writer

Blog For Baking Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Do You Know Your Mary Berry From Your Paul Hollywood, Help People Start Baking

  • TV Blog Writer

Blog For TV Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Do You Like TV, So Do We. Help People Know Important Things Coming Up On TV

  • Books Blog Writer

Blog For Book Fans And Get Noticed For Your Work

Do You Know You Thrillers From Your Comedies. Tell People The Latest Books Now

You Get To Work From Home And Do One Of The Following Jobs In Your Free Time. Remember The Job Is Free, So No Money, Sorry. And We Would Love Your Help To Help This Website. This Could Just Get You Noticed. You Can Work In Your Spare Time And It Doesn’t Matter If You Leave If You Can Give Us A 2 Week Period Before. Also There Is No Job Interview And You Will Be Told By A Week If You Are Accepted. Plus There Is No Age Limit.

There Are Somethings You Need To Do:

  • Be Able To Use WordPress To Write Blogs.
  • Use Non Copyright Photo’s.
  • Be Able To Categories The Post To Your Department.
  • Be Able To Add Tags.
  • Be Funny.
  • Don’t Swear On Blog Posts As It Is A Childrens Social Media App.
  • Have Great Blog Ideas.
  • Must Of Gone On GenNext Social At Least Once.

So Please Fill Out The Form Below Or If You Have Any Questions Email Us:

Many Thanks,

The GenNext Team