What are you reading for Banned Books Week?

ctrppmpwyaahdlnBeril Says: participate in by picking up a book that some closed-minded person out there wants desperately to keep out of your hands

MahopacHSLibrary Says: Caught reading a banned book….His favorite!

Malaprop’s Bookstore Says: Bookseller Melanie is reading from FUN HOME by Alison Bechdel.

Igrah Waqar Says: – So in the honor of ,I have decided to properly , by ! Its high time I finish this bad boy!

Erin Gray Says: What I’m reading for ~ how about you?

Rowena Ball Says: “The supreme question about a work of art is out of how deep a life does it spring.”

Elizabeth Schumacher Says: “But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human.”

Oblong Books & Music Says: Our display is KILLING IT. Which of these is your favorite? 📚

The Sumner Library Says: Celebrate and keep libraries dangerous! 25th Sept-1st Oct 2016

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10 Posts To Take You Home

That baking show is dominating the headlines, MCFC’s ladies are dominating the pitch and tennis players are dominating the skies… really. Here are the interesting things happening on Twitter right now.


Paul Hollywood Has Said: I’m staying in the tent with the bakers where I belong. I want to thank Mary. I’ll miss her but she has made the right decision for her.

BBC News (World) Has Said: How has the area Islamic State controls changed since 2015? https://t.co/DUbc89EkI3

Sam Coates Times Has Said: Czechia is the new English Language name for the Czech Republic – here’s the government note on its use https://t.co/ANRyT57n6n

Man City Women Has Said: 33 league goals, unbeaten and a chance to win the league on Sunday. Make sure you’re there!

Davis Cup Has Said: Here is the draw for the 2017 World Group! Are you pleased with the draw?

Daily Mail Online Has Said: Game, set and catch! Mesmerizing skydive video shows tennis game at 13,000 FEET https://t.co/h96Q0RZLP9

JK Rowling Has Said: … so as far as I’m concerned, the test works!

Lord Sugar Has Said: Breaking news : Apprentice is back on 6th October BBC-1 at 9pm

Jim’ll Paint It Said: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in a tight loving embrace surrounded by an apocalyptic bake themed kitchen – as requested by Jay Skinner


Irish Examiner Has Said: One dead, paramedic injured, after ambulance catches fire at hospital in Naas https://t.co/XVAkDF6Uby

They Are You 10 Posts To Take You Home…