Why your dirty takeaway might be from a dirty takeaway

One in seven British takeaways have unsatisfactory food hygiene standards. Newham, south London, had the highest proportion of failing takeaways while the Orkney Islands had the lowest.


Helena Bengtsson Has Said: Thinking of takeaway tonight? Think again! Me and have done some digging: https://t.co/mD6BUeoMlo

Guardian Visuals Has Said: Wanna eat out tonight? 🅰🆁🅴 🆈🅾🆄 🆂🆄🆁🅴? 1 in 7 UK takeaways have failed food hygiene tests!!  https://t.co/RnFHgTkcza

Notareargunner Has Said:  What’s wrong with you British? Demolished all your kitchens? FFS learn to cook and stay healthy, slim and active.

B.Merget Has Said: It’s disconcerting that businesses can fail repeatedly before forced to shut down  https://t.co/Fk5OlWAU7C

Fauzia Ahmad Has Said: Don’t read this while eating. Revealed: one in seven UK have failed tests https://t.co/DZEC2XJbO7

Charlie Kiss 48% Has Said: The 10 worst areas in UK for poor restuarant & take away hygenie include Newham, Harrow and Islington in London https://t.co/oNvwM4ncBr

Richard Stevenson Has Said: Wow. Apparently over 50% of Newham “takeaways and sandwich shops” failed hygiene inspections.

Sven Ortel Has Said: Oh I knew that (1 in 7 UK takeaways failed food hygiene tests) I have survived many a bug after 10 years in London. https://t.co/vsgzqJaOpa

Owen Duffy Has Said: Edinburgh has the second dirtiest takeaways in the UK. https://t.co/OsElbrwEzV

David Tchilingirian Has Said: 1in7 takeaways failed food hygiene, Needs sorting before we fix healthier catering. funding gap!  https://t.co/y2jmyNkbKR

Larry Wilson Has Said: Does the average relative wonder why loved ones die well before their time? We are what we eat. https://t.co/f8bJFsnySD

N Kennedy Has Said: Six out of seven UK takeaways have passed food hygiene tests – that is miraculous  https://t.co/QxRaJljcz8

GenNext Social Has Said: It May Be Saturday But Double Check Your Takeaways Food Hygiene Test Results. https://t.co/QxRaJljcz8

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10 Posts To Take You Home

Contains Strong Language, This Is Just A Warning!!!

The latest on Brexit, an exciting end to the cricket and a chance for a quick dab – here’s what you need to know.


BBC Breaking News Has Said: Two men cleared of all charges over death of British 15-year-old Scarlett Keeling on a Goan beach in 2008 https://t.co/EE3ytvNQja

EP President Has Said: The longer UK waits, the more entrenched positions risk becoming. That’s why I called on PM May to notify UK’s departure from EU asap

Owais Shah Has Said: Played for 16years….. Never played a 4 day game in front of a crowd like this.

Naz Mogra Has Said: Check this out!!! Perfecting the dab with 😂

Rizzle Kicks Has Said: 

You’re all fucking great. Sometimes things aren’t great. We’re just going to try and ensure the music is.

Jake Humphrey Has Said: Baffled by criticism of . He didn’t leave the Beeb, his show did…and, shock horror, he likes his job & still wants to do it.

Khloe Has Said: 


My baby girl

Kate Bottley Has Said: At the pub with my Goddaughter, she’s too young to buy a round just yet, but she won’t always be and then all this preparation will pay off

Aiden Coughlan Has Said: The time of day at a wedding is like the days of the week around Christmas. Everything is relative, nothing is absolute. And you’re drunk.

Em. Has Said: The fact that there has been so much uproar regarding the Toffee Deluxe no longer being in Quality Street is the reason why I love Britain.

Have Channel 4 really bought the most expensive tent in history?

With the departure of three quarters of Bake Off’s on-screen talent, many are claiming that Channel 4 have paid £75m for a tent with Paul Hollywood in it. Is this the most expensive tent in history? Historian Greg Jenner investigates.










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10 Posts To Take You Home

That baking show is dominating the headlines, MCFC’s ladies are dominating the pitch and tennis players are dominating the skies… really. Here are the interesting things happening on Twitter right now.


Paul Hollywood Has Said: I’m staying in the tent with the bakers where I belong. I want to thank Mary. I’ll miss her but she has made the right decision for her.

BBC News (World) Has Said: How has the area Islamic State controls changed since 2015? https://t.co/DUbc89EkI3

Sam Coates Times Has Said: Czechia is the new English Language name for the Czech Republic – here’s the government note on its use https://t.co/ANRyT57n6n

Man City Women Has Said: 33 league goals, unbeaten and a chance to win the league on Sunday. Make sure you’re there!

Davis Cup Has Said: Here is the draw for the 2017 World Group! Are you pleased with the draw?

Daily Mail Online Has Said: Game, set and catch! Mesmerizing skydive video shows tennis game at 13,000 FEET https://t.co/h96Q0RZLP9

JK Rowling Has Said: … so as far as I’m concerned, the test works!

Lord Sugar Has Said: Breaking news : Apprentice is back on 6th October BBC-1 at 9pm

Jim’ll Paint It Said: Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in a tight loving embrace surrounded by an apocalyptic bake themed kitchen – as requested by Jay Skinner


Irish Examiner Has Said: One dead, paramedic injured, after ambulance catches fire at hospital in Naas https://t.co/XVAkDF6Uby

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Live: John Kerry demands Syria aircraft grounded as UN debates ceasefire


US Secretary of State John Kerry has called for aircraft to be grounded in parts of Syria so a ceasefire deal can be extended.

Mr Kerry said he believed there was a way forward “out of the carnage”, but that the future of the country was “hanging by a thread”.

He added that international diplomats were proving “woefully inadequate” in getting Syrian parties to negotiate.

His impassioned speech at the United Nations followed an attack on an aid convoy on Monday and came as fighting broke out on numerous fronts in the war-torn country.

The airstrike, which killed some 20 aid workers delivering humanitarian supplies to civilians, “raises profound doubt” as to whether Russia and the Syrian government will live up to a ceasefire deal, Mr Kerry said.

:: Syria’s conflict only contains versions of the truth

Syrian government forces should be banned from flying over areas controlled by the opposition in an effort to help bring the escalating situation under control, he added, before urging countries to cease support to any parties attempting to sabotage a truce.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had previously told UN Security Council the world was facing a “make or break moment” in Syria, as there were multiple reports of fighting between Syrian rebels and pro-government forces:

::  Nine rebels and four medical staff were reportedly killed by an airstrike in the insurgent-held town of Khan Touman south of Aleppo.

:: Syrian state media said the army had recaptured a fertiliser factory in the Ramousah area to the southwest of the city.

:: A rebel fighter in the Aleppo area and the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Right told Reuters fighter jets had been bombing in several locations.

:: The observatory also said a Syrian jet crashed near Damascus. Islamic State said it had been shot down but the regime has not yet commented.

:: And a Syrian government source said insurgent groups were preparing to launch attacks to the south and west of Aleppo and north of Hama.

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said he wanted to see a thorough and impartial investigation into the attack on the aid convoy, after the Moscow released footage it said showed a pickup truck carrying a mortar travelling with the trucks.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the airstrike on the aid convoy. The US believes two Russian Su-24 jets carried out the attack, based on location and timing.

But Moscow has denied all involvement, instead suggesting a fire broke out destroying the vehicles among other theories.

On Wednesday, a Russian military spokesman said a Predator drone from the US-led coalition had entered the area where the attack had taken place “several minutes before it burst into flames”.

Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the ministry, said allegations that Moscow was responsible were an attempt to distract attention from the US-led coalition’s bombing of Syrian soldiers near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also spoke at the meeting, saying there could be no political process unless there was a genuine ceasefire.

The truce came into effect on 12 September in order to create a safe corridor for aid into war-torn Aleppo, where many of the inhabitants are said to be in dire need.

All aid convoys in Syria are currently suspended.